Photos of Cheung 63 of 175, 和情人在月球上漫步 Moonwalk with lover

Photos of Cheung 25 of 175 一個人站在冰湖上拍照 Shooting on glacial lake myself

Photos of Cheung 7 of 175 情人 Lover

Photos of Cheung 85 of 176 被巨鏡包圍的我 I was surrounded by huge lens

Photos of Cheung 103 of 176 替毛澤東拍照 Take photo for Mao

Photos of Cheung 166 of 175 弦外之音 Out of the line

Photos of Cheung 109 of 176 血花紛飛 Blood splash

Photos of Cheung 54 of 175 領土 Territory
Photos of Cheung
Sliver Gelatin Print, 50.8X61mm, 2012

「張的相片」系列中,我把Facebook朋友「tag」我的相片放曬至銀鹽相紙上。「Tag」是 Facebook 其中一個主要功能,容許用戶在相片上標示某人的存在。作為 Facebook 用戶之一,我的朋友也經常在不同的相片上「tag」我,其他朋友便能從中知道我曾到過哪裡和幹過甚麼。比起我自己所呈現的"張偉樂",從這些相片中更能認識一個立體和全面的「張偉樂」。


In the series of "Photos of Cheung", I enlarged the photo that my friends tagged me on Facebook on silver gelatin prints. "Tag" is one of the main functions of Facebook which allows users to tag someone in their photos. Being one of the Facebook users, my friends always tag me when they upload photos. Other facebook friends can know where I have been and what I have done with whom through those photos easily. The photos present "Cheung Wai-lok" in a more comprehensive and multi-dimensional way, more than the one I present by myself.

On the other hand, I am thinking about the relationship of traditional and new media. I find them having identical but also opposite characters. It seems that traditional media has limited copies, and most of the time we have to capture the images by ourselves, while new media can be reproduced easily, and loads of ready-made images are provided. I tried to present "Cheung Wai-Lok" by enlarging those photos on traditional black and white photo paper with my mobile phone, it becomes a kind of self-portrait. Silver gelatin prints, which is formed with circle silver particles now contains image formed by squared pixels, while the digital colour photo has now become B/W negatives. This exhibition enables the intersection and inter-transfer of the forms of traditional and new media.
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